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IYFG Awards
Rin over the shoulder

Well the IYFG results are in. Journey was in three categories, Best Action/Adventure, Best Characterization (Sesshomaru), and Best Serial. It only placed in one, but it missed the other two by one vote. I'm very proud of the results, even if I didn't place in two of the three. To come close to placing in those two categories, especially the characterization one is an honor itself.

I have two stories in the Best of 2007 polls, however, so voting isn't quite done. I have Songs of Faith and Devotion: Shake the Disease in the Best Songfic/Poemfic poll, and the drabble What He Found In Her Eyes in the Best Canon poll. I wish everyone luck with the voting!

Journey has also done well in the Destined Awards. It was in three categories there as well. It was in Best Love Story, Best Characterization (Inuyasha this time), and Best Melodrama. It tied for first in Best Love Story and Best Characterization and placed third in Best Melodrama. I'm very proud that it did this well. For a story that's now over three years old, it's a feat to still get people interested enough to nominate it for and vote for it to win awards. Thank you so much.

I can't wait to see what the banners for both awards will look like!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Congratulations! Your awards and nominations are well deserved.

Congrats! I have to go over and look now. I had a one-shot and 'Facets' was up for best AU (I'd be surprised if it did anything...I've been neglecting it too much).

It is an honor to have people interested, isn't it? *shakes head* I still get goose bumps.

I think it's good, but it still amazes me that people keep reading after all this time.

Sweetie, it doesn't matter that the story is 3 years old. It a moving, wonderful love story filled with action that leaves a reader wondering about what's going to happen next. It's not stale and there's no way you, as a reader, can even guess what may happen next. You deserve the recognition.



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