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Trent Reznor Broke the Internet---Thanks A Lot Jerk
La Mer

In the new music distribution age, Trent Reznor has totally bypassed the entire music industry to release the new Nine Inch Nails album, Ghosts I-IV. It is a 36 track double album you can buy direct from nin.com---er you could if it weren't for every NIN fan out there trying to do so. It's all instrumental, and as soon as I've heard the entire thing, I will review it as I did Year Zero. So far I'm in love. This man just is such a genius. Pure genius. Instrumentals should all be like this. It's like modern day classical music. It's got that NIN-flavor but focuses on the subtle nature and less of the punch you in the face that we see in his music. Beautiful is what it is in a word. If you're interested go to nin.com and see for yourself. Just be patient. Trent broke the internet single handedly.

Oh, and thanks for distracting me from getting the writing I was SUPPOSED to be doing tonight, Trent.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I blame you for my discovery of NIN...and I love Year Zero. I was blown away when I started listening. So now you have tempted me beyond measure, and I will have to do this thing.

Have you taken the time to go backwards in the catalog of all that is NIN or as my boot dealer says is holy? I'd get Pretty Hate Machine first if you haven't.

And good luck. Trent REALLY broke the internet. I've been trying to buy my 2 cd set for the last HOUR. Jerk. And he wants THREE HUNDRED FUCKING DOLLARS for his album version of the damn thing. WAAAAAAAAH. He hates us format collectors! WHY!

I have been slowly going backwards, but I couldn't tell you all of what I got yet. 3 or 4 cds. I've liked it all. If you saw my play list I listen to when I write, you would really think I have some odd tastes in music to shuffle all those things together...LOL.

I'll wait for the tidal wave to pass first.

I have every single Halo but four or five. I need a new Fragile as I only have the Right (or is it the Left. I don't know anymore). I need a new Fixed CD. Wah. My Halo collection!

I'm so hyper right now. I want to hear it all but I can't get the dumb site to behave. I don't wanna wait for all the other losers, lmao.

I can get that way about books...not often about music, but I understand.

I'm a format collector by nature. It starts with my first fave band, the Rolling Stones (I saw their big news of the day earlier and laughed at that, too). I have almost every album in at least one format and a handful in all three (album, cassette, CD). I got into NIN when I started college. I hated them at first. HATED them. I grew up on classic rock and the like, so this huge punch in the face Trent did threw me off. Then I heard A Warm Place and La Mer and decided to give him a chance. NIN became my second fave band. NIN happens to have a number system to catalogue the ablums, which makes people like me giddy. It just means I had to have them all. I have Year Zero in both formats that it came out on. I have With Teeth that way as well. Pretty Hate Machine is the ONLY one I have a complete set of. I would LOVE to have the Fragile in all three formats. It's too expensive on Ebay most times. I'm probably going to be out of the market the way the music industry is going, though. I don't know if in ten years if we'll have physical buyable releases or if we'll just buy downloads that we put in our ipods or burn ourselves. Sigh. I'm so analog.

Having grown up through the history of all those formats, I know I prefer mine in digital format right now...mostly so I can carry it with me.

But then, we all have our hobbies/obsessions. You wouldn't even want to count how many sets of knitting needles I own...

I don't even own an Ipod, that's how analog I am. I do have a cassette walkman somewhere, though. I see how carrying it with you can be easier, but I just like holding a physical album in my hand and looking a the notes and experiencing it as a real thing rather than just sounds out of my speakers.

A lot of knitting needles, eh? I have more bootlegs than I know what to do with. I SHOULD catalogue that and send the results off to my dealer but I'm busy and it'll take forever.

Hey Trent, I may like Nine Inch Nails, but keeep distracting her from her writing and my country arse will chew you a new one. :)

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