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The Great Destroyer

I AM the Great Destroyer. No really. Pray that I may  never like YOUR TV show.

I liked the show Back to You on FOX. While I didn't watch it on a regular basis, I did catch it from time to time and it was funny---even if it was a conventional sitcom. Well, it's gone now. Canceled. No more.  All because I said I liked it!

And if you think my power is non-existant to murder shows, here's the next one I killed. Moonlight. You read that right. Moonlight. Just saw the article last night before bed. Canceled. Gone. Poof. Stake driven through its vampire heart. GAH. And why have they killed it? Because it doesn't carry the viewers over from Ghost Whisperer.

Here's a secret: I didn't KNOW that Ghost Whisperer HAD viewers.

I find that show to be---in a word---trite. It comes off as some big after school special with ghosts. If you want to see a medium in action, then watch MEDIUM. GW just makes me cringe, the way she seems to be able to talk about talking to ghosts/dead people with anyone and everyone and they all act like that's normal. Blech.

Anyways, I guess I'll watch Moonlight's finale Friday. It's too bad. It really could have been quite a killer show---if it had been promoted right. After that blitz over the summer, they hardly EVER promoted it. Stupid.

Now, I KNOW New Amsterdam will surely buy it for good. I liked that show, too.

Waaaaah. I don't want to be the Great Destroyer!

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I'm so sorry...but now you know why I rarely watch TV, As soon as I get into a show, it's canceled.

I just don't know why they bother putting shows out if they're only going to yank them if they don't catch fire immediately. People need to slowly gain interest and find out about it. It's silly to just can everything. But, then I'm not a TV exec.

You should watch MASH it's been on since the 70's and doesen't look like it will ever be canceled.

You're right. The only problem with that suggestion is that I'm old enough to have seen them all. Many, Many times. :)

I'm only 16 and i've seen every episode at least 6 times.

Sad, Isn't it. :)

Which part? That I'm 16 or that I watch MASH?

Neither. That there are no more episodes and we're foreced to watch them over and over.

True. But that doesn't mean it isn't funny. I laugh everytime Father Malchey tells Hawkeye a nurse " hug the stuffings" out of him.

I've seen a lot of MASH and older shows, trust me. I'd have to say at this point that I watch way more cable than network for shows. I watch Monk, Psych, Californication, and Tudors, and Nip/Tuck, all are on cable.

Excluding perhaps Scrubs, my soap opera, and maybe Medium, I don't really watch network anymore. The shows I do start watching, it seems, almost always end up canceled on network. Go figure.

ghost whisperer is still on?

and why would the viewers carry over? the genres are totally different. sexy, dark blooksucker love triangle and jennifer love hewitt.

i'm not seeing the jointure there...

Yeah. I don't know why they think those two shows match. So they're both supernatural. That's it. Everything else is totally different.

Oh well.

Wah! I love Moonlight, too! And I could care less about Ghost Whisperer. Why would I watch that just because I like a hot vampire? They would have done better to pair it up with one of the CSIs than that if that's what they were looking for. I do have them all recorded. As it is, I need to go back and watch the ones I've missed. After the writers' strike I got so used to not watching my favorite programs, and I can't stand reality shows, that I just didn't get back to the regular stations until recently when I realized they actually had some new episodes again.

I hate Ghost Whisperer. Every time I've tried to watch it, she runs around saving these ghosts in an after school special kind of way that sets my teeth on edge.

I loved Moonlight. I think they've made a mistake to cancel it. Frankly, I think if they were going to be fair, they should have kept everything on the docket at all the networks for the next season before declaring dead series. With the writer's strike, it's been so hard to retain and regain audience that it's unfair to yank shows people just haven't had a chance to get back to simply because they DON'T KNOW they're back. I've noticed that not many shows get promos. How will you get viewers if they don't know? Stupid.

Ah well. . .there is always the Kindred---even if it is only 13 eps and one season as well.

They did the exact same thing to a show called Titus. I loved that show.

Young Chris Titus tries to put a penny in electrical outlet.

Mom: No, don't do that!

Dad: No, wait, wait. Go on, go on.

Lights flickers on and off

Dad: Bet you're not going to do that again.

But thank God there's still MASH (on 3 diferent channels) and House (on 1 channel)

I pretty much watch exclusively cable shows these days. Some premium cable shows, too. Most network shows either get canned before they're able to take footing or just plain blow.

Is there anyone out there who likes Naraku? I think he's an effin genius! He uses people to do his dirty work and he uses people's emotions to his advatage.

I like Naraku, yet from a writer's perspective, I think he was the puppet and never the master. The Shikon Jewel called all the shots and he simply did what it wanted---all without knowing it. In that regard, I feel sorry for him. But as a character, I think he's very well developed.

Wasn't New Amsterdam canceled Too?

Yes. Stupid on their parts, but what can you do about it?

We could blow up the Houses of Parliament in London on Nov. 5th.

Remember Remember the 5th of November...

or we could just write a letter asking them to put it back on the air.

Personly I'd rather do the 1st one.

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