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Maximum Challenge Results
Depeche Sess

The Maximum challenge results are in and I am happy to have placed third in the best songfic category.

I entered Shake the Disease into Best Songfic, Best Drama, and Best Male Character portrayl. To get one of the three categories, a placement, is great.

I'm grateful to those who judged and I look forward to next year's contest.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Congrats to you. PLacing at all was really an achievement. I do find it a bit distressing that one of the mods seemed to win or place in just about every category. While I didn't expect to do anything, I really didn't expect to see the same name pop up so many times.

I'm so glad that I'm not the ONLY one bothered by the fact that one of the mods of the contest board and site managed to win 1/4 of the first placements in the contest. I'm usually very pleased by the results of the contest, regardless of how I place, just because of its fairness, but this time I'm a little disheartened. I'm not saying she didn't deserve the wins, but at the same time it's a bit much for her take 25% of the winning haul.

I do find it difficult to believe that anyone is that good in that many genres/categories. If she didn't win the category, it seems like she was first runner up. I guess it's possible, but being a mod does make it look questionable. It seems like last year's winners were spread out a lot more than this year's were.

I agree. It makes me wonder who was judging somewhat and how much of it was to please a particular mod. I'm not saying she couldn't have won on her own merits, but yes, the past two contests prior were much more diversified in winners. I find it odd, because this isn't one fandom or anything. It's spread out across the site, and I think we had about the same amount of entries as in the past. It's unusual, that's for sure. I noticed and then I started to count how many times her name showed up and got a bit frustrated.

Congratulations! That's a real accomplishment, because the contest includes so many fandoms!

Thank-you. I felt that Shake was my best effort of the past year, so it is very good to have it take third in a category.

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