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Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled by the end of Inuyasha.

The final chapter is as satisfying an ending as I could have hoped for. I am so glad that I did not spoil myself by reading any of the spoilers this time.

I really loved the art work in this chapter. It was really well done, and there were so many touching images in it.

The three year gap between Inuyasha and Kagome seeing each other doesn't make a whole lot of sense at first, but if you think about it, it does. Throughout the entire series, it's been a huge deal for Kagome to get to and through high school. To have her not complete high school would be leaving a loose end in some ways. I would have been alright with it, but for some, I think it would have nagged people that she got so worked up about school all the time and then didn't continue her education.

I also think it makes sense that her feelings drive the well. Many people think the jewel is what controlled the well, but we've seen Rumiko waffle on this before. Right after the jewel was initally shattered, Yura of the Hair steals Kagome's lone shard and shoves her into the well. When Inyasha comes to collect her, they travel through the well as if nothing happened. then later on, when Inuyasha takes her portion of the jewel and shoves her, she can't get back until Shippo brings that hunk back into the well. Now, we see Kagome go back into the past via the well without any complication and the jewel has been destroyed. I think it's a matter of feeling and her power, but that's getting a little involved for a manga. It's magic, and it's not entirely hard to believe that the well had a mind of its own. It might have thought Kagome wanted to stay in the present, which it seems she did for high school. When she changed her mind, it let her pass. Simple as that.

I'm not surprised that Miroku remains a monk even though he's married to Sango, and with so many babies! And I'm so not surprised that he's still up to his tricks. He's putting them to good use, though! There are a lot of mouths, after all. They make good parents and it's good to see the two of them so happy. It's also good that they stayed in Inuyasha's village. It seems fitting, rather than going back to the slayer village to wallow in sorrow over what was lost. Start fresh.The kids look like nothing but trouble, especially for poor Inuyasha.

Part of me doesn't like the idea of Rin living in the village with everyone, and part of me finds it fitting. I would have rather seen her travel with Sesshomaru, but he's kinda picked Inuyasha's village as a home base so to speak. Why else would he leave her there and come back with gifts? Nice set up if you ask me. He can keep her safe and do his thing, all the while seenig her and still being her protector. And, for those of us like me, there's that hope they'll still get together. Ah, the power of fanfiction.

Seems to me that Shippo's not grown a single bit. He may have done all of this training, but he still acted like the same stupid brat. I suppose it's to be expected. At least Inuyasha got one huge boot kick on the dumb kid without any trouble. And boy did Shippo ask for it if you ask me.

i'm not surprised that Inuyasha checked the well every three days. He must have been so devastated. It shows that his character's grown so much by letting her go. As the saying goes, if you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours. He just proved that and more. Her safety has always been everything to him, so letting her stay in the present made some sense, even if it hurt. To have her come back makes it all that more rewarding.

I loved when Kagome made her decision and her mother seemed to know this was good bye but was happy for her, too. And then when she reemerged from the well, it was pure magic. While a kiss would have been great, it just isn't the style of the series, not really. Seeing them hold each other and that look of pure happiness on their faces that they were together again was perfect. And we know they're married considering Kagome's endearing call to her brother in law, much to said brother in law's irritation. Sesshomaru got one more token glare in! Go Sess! It's funny that Jaken was so excited to see her, considering how cranky he was about humans, but I suppose that's the power of Kagome. If anything, we know that all ends well and that everyone in the story got what they wanted---well the good guys anyways.

Now it's the fanfic writer's job to tell what happens next or do as they please without canon coming along and changing the game anymore. Not that I care----Journey's so far removed from the manga at this point. Speaking of which, I'm on page 7. Yay! Maybe it'll take way less to get you the chapter this time.

Sigh, it'll be strange to have no more new Inuyasha chapters. Now hopefully they'll finish the anime----and not stuff so much silly filler in it.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes
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