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Chapter 75

I'm very close to having another chapter of Journey finished. I just finished the skeleton rough write and when I get home tomorrow from work will type up what I have and tweak it. Hopefully it'll be in the beta's hands by the end of tomorrow night. It's been fun writing it, but I have the next chapter's POV whining that it's HIS turn. I had better hope that Sesshomaru is willing to work with me if that's the case, because if he's getting all pushy with me to be a brat---well, let's just say he'll be sorry.

Anyways, I just thought I'd let you know I'm not dead and that I haven't abandoned the story.

The Inuyasha Fanguild is currently accepting nominations. I certainly wish everyone luck!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Sessh can be a brat. He's starting to nag me to write something where he's the protagonist, not just one of the group....LOL.

Glad to hear you're making progress. I look forward to the next chapter!

Ironically, he's either a sadomasochist, or he's just feeling really guilty because what he really wants is to get to a part in the story we're not ready for where he's the main sufferer. I'll give him what he wants---eventually---but I don't think he'll like it as much as he keeps whining about getting there. For now, I'll be writing a chapter that fits the current scope of the story, although I WAS going to write about Koga next. Stupid ass had better not be a brat about the whole ordeal. I just think it's funny. Usually he's so stubborn and haughty about anything making him look weak or that there's nothing that could do that, yet this time he's almost begging for me to do just that. Think he gets off on it or he's just a guilty boy?

Hey girl! ^o^ *hugses* Good to know RL hasn't eated you . . . or, well, not all of you, at least. XD

*rolls eyes* Of course. Cos it's aaallllllll about him, don't you know. Pssh.

Wellll he'd tell you that it IS about him, you know.

The strange thing is he wants me to torture him. I've had a major storyline in mind for him in Journey for about a year now. It just hasn't gotten that far IN the story. He's desperate all of a sudden to get there. I think he's guilty cause he didn't treat baby brother so well in the past or something. Or maybe he gets off on it. I can't tell.

Oi. Anything for the attention . . . *sigh* You'd at least think he'd be content with the amount of screentime he'll be getting in the OAV . . . Jeez.

O.o I wouldn't have pegged Sess for a masochist, I gotta say. *is intrigued*

He IS. Trust me. He IS. And the torture I've got in store for him is super awful. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it in the fandom, actually. I can't believe how much he's been nagging me to get to that point in the story. He WANTS this to happen when before he was pretty insistent that it wouldn't happen to him, not HIM the all-powerful Sesshomaru. But now? Now he's almost begging to be punished, I guess, for being such a prick to Inuyasha, or maybe he just likes the pain. I don't know. He's weird.

XD You are such a tease, girl . . .

*iz even moar intrigued* And I don't suppose you have any estimation of how many chapters we are from this dramatass?

O.o Although I'm a little scared about whatever it is you're about to put him through . . .

Oh he'll survive this---but only barely. I wouldn't go and kill him off, so don't worry. Let's just say it's something no one will expect coming.

As for the chapter amount between now and then? Hmmm. Not really. If Sesshomaru had his way, it'd be sooner, but it would screw up the entire timeline to move it forward.

I'm gonna have to sit down and sketch out the remainder of this current storyline and the beginning of the next, which is the one Sess wants NOW. Don't worry. We'll get there all in good time.

*_____* Well that's . . . reassuring. I think.

Now you've got me wondering. Hmmm . . . Would you say we've even made it through half the story yet?

Cuz heck if it isn't an epic already . . .

Now you're worried about him, aren't you? That makes him happy, you know. It strokes his ego that people care, even if he says he doesn't. He's so fussy, really.

Hmm, halfway through the story. I don't really even know what "halfway" is, actually. I can't really say.

XD Strokes his ego . . . I'm sorry, but now you've convinced me that that is what the Mokomoko-Sama truly is. It is in fact his ego. LOLZ!

*strokes it*

Gosh, it's so hush hush . . . =D Can't wait to see how things go from here.

I am so looking forward to your next chapter. I can't wait to see what you have coming up!

Oh, it's mostly politics, but I'd say fun ones. Jaken sure has his own thing going on, that's for sure!

I'm still tweaking, but I hope to get it actually sent off to the beta tomorrow. I hope to post it this weekend.

And then it's Sesshomaru's turn. The brat's been pestering me for two weeks now.

Thuh Anday

Day's late but hellz yes, new chapter. Thank's for all the hard work ^_^

We're just waiting on the beta.

I'm glad you're eager for the chapter.

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