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Chapter Seventy Five : Review Responses


It didn't take nearly as long to complete this chapter this go round, now did it? I hope everyone is having a nice summer, even if it is unbearably hot lately.

The Inuyasha Fanguild is currently taking in nominations. Journey has been nominated for Best Characterization: Kagome and Best Serial by doggieealover. It's still an honor to be recognized by my readers this way after all this time. I wish everyone this quarter best of luck.

Has anyone else noticed that Anime Spiral has disappeared all together besides me? I haven't posted anything new, including new Journey chapters, there since the big rule change against adult themes, but it would seem that doesn't matter anymore. The site states that the domain name is up for grabs. Either they've moved and failed to inform us, or they've simply closed shop. I'm not entirely sad to see it go, actually, considering the juvenile feel of the place. It'd just be nice to have a bit of warning perhaps.

Now for the individual responses:


Media Miner:

knittingknots: I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.

Fire Blade: Glad you liked the chapter and hope you'll keep reading.

Doggieearlover: Sango must indeed find Miroku to let him have a piece of her mind. I think as her romance with Miroku has bloomed slowly, she's become afraid. She knew how to anticipate the monk and knew what to expect. Miroku's behavior changes upset her balance and throw her off and it unsettles her. She'll find them to be a good thing down the road, but for now she's still uncertain and afraid. Just because he's starting to change doesn't mean he'll keep doing it and I think she's expecting the rug to be pulled from underneath her and have the monk become the lecher again that she's accustomed to. I would say that Miroku is certainly having a hard time between a claustrophobic and panicking spy and a very hungry demon. You'll have to wait and see!

GrayPheonix: Glad you enjoyed the story.

Crystal Singer: I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.

Shi Shi: You have to format your text by spacing the paragraphs manually. Hit return twice after each one. I do hope you'll continue to read.



Anon: I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter and that you'll keep reading.

Lenore: I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter and seeing Sango grow. It'll be a long road for her, but she'll totally come around eventually.

Links: Media Miner  AFF

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Jaken was certainly busy in this chapter!

I noticed that AnimeSpiral seemed to be gone for good not all that long ago. Before it just came up "page not found" when they were down or out of money. I went to InuYashaWorld and noticed they removed their link to it, so I guess it really is gone. I suspect that's one reason so many fics are cropping up on the other sites all of the sudden where someone posts a bunch of them in a row, and I think a couple of my readers from over there have found me at MediaMiner. I need to go through my stuff and remove the links I have to it since it looks like this time it won't be back.

And good luck this quarter!

Edited at 2008-07-14 12:51 am (UTC)

He certainly was a busy fellow indeed. I wonder what Sesshomaru would think of his busy servant.

I'll have to do the same at a certain point. Anime Spiral has been rather unreliable in its existence and the quality of fiction and reviews were always subpar. I'm not that sad to see it go. I'm surprised it didn't do this a long time ago, actually. Ah well, what can you do except move on? There are far better sites elsewhere.

And good luck to you in the quarter, too!

Sesshomaru must have known he was good for something since he's kept him with him all of this time. Of course if he was pleased, he'd never tell him.

I mainly posted there because it was the first fanfiction site I discovered (because of the link from InuyashaWorld) and figured there were at least a few people there who deserved something not written by a 13 year old to read. It was hit or miss on the reviews, but I got more there than some of the other sites I'm on (like ED and AFF). There are definitely better sites and MM.org is probably my favorite - though I wonder why I still haven't recieved an update notice for Journey. If it weren't for your journal, I wouldn't have known. The one for ED just came through, though.

Thanks! I hope we both do well this time.

Sometimes I think Sesshomaru keeps him around for grief relief. He's there to punch in the head when he's feeling a bit peeved. The problem is that Jaken's usually one of the reasons he IS peeved. I'd say that Sesshomaru might feel a bit relieved that Jaken's fixating on someone else for a change. Besides, Jaken's heart will be broken when the gang return and he sees just how close Sesshomaru and Rin have become.

Hmmm. I can't say why MM.org's notice hasn't gone out. That's pretty odd.

I posted at AnimeSpiral for exposure mostly. It was a frustrating place and a difficult site, but it was worth the couple literate people who might swing through and leave a decent review. Ah well. What can you do.

I've just finished chapter 75. ^________^

Jeez, no wonder I've been missing chapters lately; if you hadn't posted the review corner I never would've known you'd updated - The alert hasn't shown up in my emails yet. <=( Now that's odd . . . I do have the option turned on.

In any case, I'm thrilled with this installment, really I am. This is clearly a big thing that's happening here, and will affect our heroes out on the field just as it will those on home turf. Exciting!

I've noticed that MM.org's alerts must be down because I didn't get any notifications of any reviews, either.

I'd say the world will only change from what both Jaken and the Inugang are doing in this world. It's probably some of the fastest changes in the world, too.

So it wasn't just me? D=> Jeez, I hope everybody else isn't missing out.

XD Well, compared to centuries old religious wars . . . yeah, I think you could call this pretty fast. In comparison, at least. XD

I sorta get the impression that they'll all be feeling like they've aged a couple centuries by the time this is all over. XD

I noticed that too. But THANK GOD Anime Spiral isn't the only place you posted Journey.

I wouldn't have posted it at a single archive, anyways.

I like to see what people think, so posting it at more sites gets more response.

Most Anime Spiral comments ran the lines of "yay clap clap rite more plz!" So yeah, not missing it that much.

There is a problem with one of the chapters in Journey: Kouga and Sesshomaru have met before and Sesshomaru knows he killed Rin but didn't kill him. When Jaken asked why, Sesshomaru said that if he tried to hurt Rin THEN he would kill him.

Also does Sesshomaru refer to himself in third-person in the manga because I've never seen him do that in the anime.

Technically, Sesshomaru and Koga never met in the manga. Ever. That's an anime interlude thrown in basically for filler. I decided to take the manga angle on the situation. The only reason he knew what Koga looked like remotely before he showed up in Journey is due to Rin's nightmares. His status as Rin's murderer emerged after Rin's reaction. But no, they've never truly met in the manga and that's how I chose to write it.

And yes, Sesshomaru DOES talk in third person, as does Rin, in the manga. Naraku does as well, but usually as an ironic or mocking manner. I've kind of taken what I liked and thought fit the story and used it and rejected other things. As there are two canon lines within Inuyasha as it is, you can certainly pick and choose.

As for the Eddings canon, I've kept the Belgariad in its entirety, but I've fudged almost all of the Malloreon, lifting and changing significant events to fit the mood and flow of my story. MOST of the Malloreon never happened in Journey.

Okay it's just that he didn't do that until about half way through the story.

I have an idea to make journey better: Add Spawn! It would be awsome.

Two canon story lines are quite enough. I think I'll have to pass.

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