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Kiriban at DA : 3700 Is the Magic Number
Manga Rin and Butterfly

I thought I'd try something new over at DA. I have set a kiriban for 3700 hits. Right now, we're less than a hundred page views away.

I've been posting some of my drabbles over there and cleaning the place up, so it's not just there anymore. Those of you at DA as well, feel free to try and win the kiriban. Just try to keep the rules in mind, which can be found here.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes
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Heads up, hon - faulty link, it's not working.

Gah. I hate how the links always break the first time you make them now in LJ. It's just stupid and annoying.

Getting closer, little by little! I'll have to remember to check back, but now I think I want a nap. Went to see the XFiles this morning.

and the link works now, BTW.

I'm going to see the X-Files this afternoon/early evening. My expectations are low. I'm an old school X-Phile, and I'm still bitter over the last two seasons, so they're gonna have to work hard to impress.

Was it at least decent? I've heard from another X-Phile that it was alright, not perfect but not bad. I'm holding hopes that the critics hated it as much as they did because it's good. That's what they did with Indiana Jones.

I wonder if I'll have the kiriban caught by the time I get home!

I had not seen or read anything much about it other than an interview with David Duchovney and the ads they've been running. I didn't want to expect too much and be disappointed.

It was okay. It was a reminder of the show in the old days with the plots that could be pretty bizarre - but no aliens this time (but lots of snow and ice).

I'm glad it's not absolutely awful sounding. I think it's not very heavy on aliens because they're trying to get more people than just X-Philes to go. Thank god it sounds like it has an earlier season feel. I'm still anxious, though!

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