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I Want to Believe

I want to believe again. I really do. I think I'm on the cusp of just that. All the messiness of the last two seasons of the series have left such an awful, terrible bitter taste in my mouth. (See entry here about that feeling) The fighting in the fandom twisted it into something sour. But, just maybe after seeing I Want to Believe, I can again.

If you don't want to be spoiled, do not read from here on in.

From the moment that all too familiar whistling theme music started to the moment the movie ended, it felt like the series hadn't been over for nearly 6 years. It was like going back in time, and by back in time I mean to a time when the series was well written and had a wonderful flavor to it.

The suspense was there the moment we saw the woman get attacked by the two men and the question began of why. The psychic priest intrigued and pulled you in to the story and you just wondered when and where Mulder would should up to figure out what was going on. It didn't take long for them to find him.

Seeing Scully being a doctor was unusual on some levels, considering her fight to be in the FBI with her family, but considering the series end it made sense. Someone has to make the money so the two of them can live in a house, after all. Those of you who wonder why Mulder wouldn't have been rounded up and locked up for the supposed murder he NEVER committed, well it's simple really. They were going to neturalize Mulder and the X-Files either way. Either they lock him up and throw away the key, or they let him escape. It's not hard to figure out that Scully would be hiding him. It didn't matter to them at this point. Mulder would be out of their hair and if he so much as tried to get his old job back they'd arrest him immediately.

Now that they've pardoned him and waved ALL the charges that should have never been filed, it's kind of like Carter is trying to reboot the computer. The last two seasons are downplayed so much, refrenced, not ignored, but not as important as what is the now. Mulder had to be acqutted, the slate HAD to be wiped clean. If they intend to have a franchise after this, they must give him the opportunity to have a shot at getting back into the FBI if he so desires. Deep down, Scully knows it'll come and she'll stay with him, because as she proved in this movie, even when it looks like goodbye, she can't walk away. It's too late to do that.

I Want to Believe is not about Mulder's belief. He, as he ever was, is the believer. He isn't as ready to jump as he once was, no, but he's much quicker to do so than Scully. This movie was all about Scully's belief. Her belief in paranormal phenemona. Her belief in Mulder. Her belief in their relationship. Most of all, her belief system. We have seen Scully's Catholic faith challenged over and over again throughout the series. It's another test, and I'd say she passes.

It was good to see that Skinner was there to save them in the end. When the black agent refused to help Scully find Mulder, even after he had approached her to bring Mulder out of hiding, it looked dire for a moment. To have Skinner return and help was great. Leave it to the Skin Man. He has always cared for the two of them and will do just about anything for them. As their former superior, if anyone can possibly get them back in the FBI at a later date, it'll be him.

The only problem I had with this movie was fairly obvious and it's only because of the nationality of the villains. I missed Krycek so badly in the movie. He would have been FURIOUS with these guys for the things they were doing. He was one armed himself, so the fact that they were putting this dude back together with other people's severed body parts would have pissed him off. He was Mulder's brother in almost every way, and while he was devious and a double agent most times, he was still a good guy, considering the fact he wanted to destroy the CSM. It's just too bad that they had to kill him off. I could see Mulder grudgingly calling him in to help once they realized it was Russians doing this crap. Ah well. You can't always get what want, I guess.

The romance between Mulder and Scully, while finally out in the open, was not over done or out of place. It worked. You could feel the same old chemistry they've always had. While they were openly romantic with one another, sharing a house and a bed, we didn't need to see the overdone Hollywood love scenes. Instead, we got soft kisses, the same touches we've come to know, and the desperation from Scully to save Mulder towards the end. Mulder believed in them the whole movie. He knew Scully would come around when push came to shove and he was right. As much as this was a dark and twisted movie about a vicious crime, it was as much about their love and a love story.

If this is the future of the franchise, I will say I'll look forward to it. I'll be anxious about any mythology themed movie, but if it's anything near as well written as this was, I'll be rather satisfied. It's just a matter of untangling all the messy webs Carter weaved in those last two seasons that stands in the way. Here's to believing. I WANT TO BELIEVE.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I didn't even realize there was a new movie in the works...until I drove by a theatre today and saw it on the marquee...maybe, maybe, I'll be willing to see it, cause I really hated what they did to the series...and totally bailed not long after the first movie...and that's been ages ago.

Then you'll love my rant.

The second movie doesn't totally get rid of the crappy end, but it downplays it so much that you're willing to go along and perhaps, maybe, just maybe start believing again.

Go ahead. Click the link and read the diatribe I wrote about how badly it ended.

I enjoyed the movie (I saw it today as well), because it reminded me of the earlier seasons. If you liked the X-files early on, then you'll probably like it as well.

I really didn't want to say too much until you saw it (you were the only one I was sure wanted to go and see it). Like I said earlier, it really did remind me of the earlier seasons of the show. I also loved it when Skinner showed up near the end (especailly after her demand to get her someone with the balls to help her), and when Scully saved Mulder this time (since he saved her in the first movie).

I was also happy to see the two of them really together, and that kiss near the end (though I remember thinking at the time there was that kiss everyone wanted to see in InuYasha). Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. I know I did since it reminded me of so many things I enjoyed about the earlier seasons when Mulder was still there.

I still wish Krycek could have been there. He would have added so much. Sigh.

It was a good movie. It didn't make a bigger mess than it already was. It felt like old school X-Files for the most part, and it worked.

I can't imagine what the movie reviewers saw, because all they did was complain about it being awful. Go figure.

I didn't even read any of the reviews for this one. However, after I saw your comment I did decide to go and look. One reviewer I usually find that if he liked the movie at all, I usually do, is Roger Ebert. He gave it 3.5 out of 4 stars. It probably took a reviewer who's been around for awhile like him to actually get it. If you want to read what he says, it's at http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080723/REVIEWS/1651704/1023 .

I agree with most of what he said, but the Scully part. Scully was afraid. Afraid of what turning the clock back and possibly going back to that life would mean for them. It wasn't so much her bull headness against the priest or the case as much as her fear of losing Mulder again. A X-Phile knows that.

I will agree with him that this movie didn't need any flash. We were served well to have nothing explode or gun shots go off all the time. It worked as a thriller without a ton of special effects.

It's nice to see someone at least enjoy it instead of hating it as the other critics I read did.

I'm not saying I agree with everything he says - just usually if he likes a movie, I do as well.

And after seeing Wanted a couple of weeks ago, it was kind of nice to see a movie where a whole bunch of people didn't get shot. It was gruesome enough with what was going on as the Russions tried to rebuild the guy with other's body parts. Yep, definitely reminded me of the old days of the show.

That's why I almost laughed when he said the boy had nothing to do with the story.

They were trying to convince Scully to let the boy die and she didn't want to do that as much as that guy wanted to rebuild the dude from the other people's body parts. It's a morality thing in a way.

I usually feel better about a movie when the critics pan it. It seems the ones they love to death I hate and the ones I love they hate.

It was really like a good old fashioned episode, wasn't it?

I should be working on my next Journey chapter, but damn it, I'm reading XF fanfic. Okay, so it's slash and I seem to have discovered my favorite characters tend to have one arm at some point in any given series. Sigh. Poor Sesshomaru will have to wait. I've liked Krycek far longer, damn it.

It seems that if most of the critics give a movie the higest rating they can, it means that it's so weird and bizarre that no one normal will understand it (and that they probably didn't either, but don't want to admit it). So, if something rates a 2 or 3, I usually enjoy it. After all, I go to the movies to be enteretained - I really don't want to have to think that hard.

I'm about a third of the way through my next Minoue chapter - and have been for a week or more. Maybe I'll get the inspiration to write some on it tomorrow. We'll see.

I've noticed that. The ones they really seem to love make little to no sense and waste time. It's supposed to make them look intellectual or something.

I'm not sure how far in I'm really into the chapter. I know I have a grumbling Demon Lord because he doesn't care about FBI agents or aliens or paranormal and he thinks if I'm gonna pay attention any dude with one arm it should be him. Go figure. You can't please everyone, lmao.

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