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A Page! I got a page done! Yay!
Hey Reader,

Yay! I got another whole page written. I am almost done with a stanza of the song, too. It's exciting. I think it is really coming together. I just hate the fact that as I near 11:30, my brain starts to melt down and I can barely write this journal. At least I got pretty far. I have 1200 words so far, including the lyrics. I'm not sure how long it will be. There are three stanzas of the song, so it isn't that long of a song, but each line has so much potential to do so much. I'm feeling better and better the more I work on this one-shot.

I also had a great planning session at lunch. I haven't worked on the next chapter just yet, but I did a lot of plotting for that, too. It just seems that this one-shot insists on being written right NOW. I have almost the entire thing plotted, matching it to its respective lyric. It's mainly getting it written. I am excited to get it done and posted, so I can hear what you guys think of it.

If anything, at least tomorrow is Wednesday, which means it is almost the weekend...well pretty close at least. And hey, tomorrow IS a special day. It is Mick Jagger's 63rd birthday, and the Stones fan that I am, I'll be celebrating that...

Anyways, if this one-shot will work with me, I should have it written soon, so be on the look out for it!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Let us know when you post it - and didn't you love it when Sesshomaru slugged InuYasha for defiling their father's grave? Didn't exactly live up to the title...

You know, having seen this episode, I don't think Sesshomaru will have that much trouble in Hell. After all, he pulled out his sword, the guards of the Underworld kneeled to him(gave him a HUGE ego trip, too) and on his merry way he went. I have a funny feeling, the key for him to survive and get everyone else out of Hell is to LISTEN to his sword, and keep it with him at all times.

And as for the slugging? Ummm, that was just another lie if you ask me. Sesshomaru used the whole "You're defiling Daddy's grave!" SLAM fist into brother's face for "I don't want you to get hurt more than you already are...I'm big brother and I'll go kick some ass. Stay out." He tends to be a little protective and possessive over Inuyasha, even if he won't admit it. But that's just my opinion. And the title of the episode? What a terrible lie that was. They talked two seconds, punch, end of "fight." Gotta love it.

Anyways, I best be to bed or I will be cranky and unable to think for the stories.

I was already thinking about that before this episode came on. I knew he had just walked through the gates and went on in once he pulled Tenseiga.

I think Sesshomaru was far more pissed about Naraku being in their father's grave than InuYasha. After all, the first time they were both there it was because he had pulled the black pearl from InuYasha's eye with pretty much the intent of grave robbing and taking what wasn't his. The real fight is coming up with Naraku, and I guess at some point Kagome will be able to use that arrow that Kikyou gave her against him.

*sigh* more waiting, and time for bed.

It really does make you think, though. He's always acted like his sword from their father was pretty worthless, yet it's given him Rin, and now he can really brag to Inuyasha. "Your sword can cut down 100 demons in one swing, eh? So what! Big deal. Mine lets me go into the Underworld like I'm a God. Eat that!" He oughta really take a closer look at his own sword and appreciate it. And who knows, after this whole stint in Hell, he just might.

And yeah, the way Sesshomaru rocketed into that grave right at Naraku, I'd have to say he's pretty damn pissed off about Naraku disturbing dear ol' Dad. It's one thing for him to go in there to try and steal what wasn't his in the first place, it's another to have someone else going in there and raising hell. I can't wait to see what happens when Kagome gets to use that arrow, either.

Why do we only have one episode per week!

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