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Birthday Weekend
Manga Rin and Butterfly

Well, my birthday weekend was a good one.

On Friday, I got to go to the Twins game. We sat on the third base side in the lower deck. It was really fun, and we won. I got to see Justin Morneau hit a Grand Slam, which totally kicked ass. I got to watch Francisco Lirano strike out nine. It was a very good game, indeed. We won 10-2, considering my first game we lost by about that much. I also got to eat one of the coolest things EVER. Cinnamon roasted almonds. Totally good and I wish I could get them at home. It's just too bad we blew the rest of the weekend. Ah well.

In other great news, it came out that Minneapolis will spend a million bucks to help improve the acoustics at the Target Center. From everything I've ever heard, it's necessary. Oh, and Trent Reznor announced a new opening act to replace the awful Crystal Castles. We get a band called Boris, and get this, they're JAPANESE! So, I won't know what they're singing, but damn, they sure do rock and rock hard. And, they're cute. It's about as close to a great pick as the Dresden Dolls was. You can hear them here: 
And, as it is now September, it is once again football season. I've been enjoying the day of watching football. Now, all I need is the Colts to come back and win tonight. Then, everything will be complete.

Oh, and I'm on page 12 of the next Journey chapter. Sesshomaru is a busy boy and he wants a lot to be done.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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It sounds like you had a great birthday weekend! It's nice you had a good time and yeah, those cinnamon roasted nuts are good, aren't they? I like the pecans, too.

And I have yet to watch a football game. It's still too hot here to admit it's football season already.

I found those nuts to be addicting. I couldn't stop eating them once I had them. I'm a huge almond fan, so I just had to have them.

It's fairly cool up here. But then, I always think of my birthday as fall, not summer.

It's cooler here - it's in the 80s instead of near 100 so that's an improvement. Still it usuall doesn't start to really cool off until October some time.

I don't like the heat, so you can have it. It's in the mid 50s tonight and looks to be in the low 60s tomorrow. That's fine by me.

I love that kind of weather! I wish you could send it here.

If only it'd stay about that temperature. I'm not looking forward to the below freezing or zero temps.

Oh yeah, you can definitely keep those! brr!

Sigh. I don't really have a choice.

Happy (belated) birthday!

Thank you, and how did you know that I wanted to see that icon?

hee. well, let's see... peanut butter?

Oh my. Naughty to mention that peanut butter. You know, Sesshomaru's grown to like that stuff, after all. Don't tease him too much! The results can be, well, messy.

Happy Birthday. Glad you were able to root the Twins to victory. They seem to finding ways to lose lately.

I know. And it's frustrating, because they're better than that. ARRGH. Let the Vikings do all the sucking, please.

Sorry I didn't tell you before but Happy Birthday.

May Metallica be with you


Re: Birthday

^_^ lol metallica gods.
sorry for bieng very late, but happy birthday from Andrew.
looking forward to the next chamber, and v for vandetta was sweet.

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