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Journey: Chapter Seventy Six


Has it really been since July since I updated Journey? Damn that's a long time, isn't it? I had planned on having an update up much sooner than this, but Sesshomaru had his own ideas. He certainly likes to be the center of attention, so he dragged his feet a few times to make it last. He's just greedy. I'm sure that all of you already knew that, though.

I've decided, though, that the twenty-six pages I ended up with will be split into two separate chapters. One will be posted this week and the other the following. And hey, that way it doesn't seem like a million years between chapters again. It also appeases the ego that is known as Sesshomaru. I just hope you'll enjoy.

Unfortunately, I work in retail, and we're approaching that busiest season of the year. I expect things to get a little (or a lot) crazy for the next two and a half months. I hope that you will bear with me if after the second chapter is posted if I do not happen to get a chance to update again quickly. We shall see. Sometimes I think it'll take forever to write a particular POV and it goes quickly. I also might work on some other non-Journey pieces. It all depends. All I ask is for patience!

The Inuyasha Fanguild is once again in full swing. Thanks to doggieearlover, Journey has been already nominated for Best Serial. Hopefully, the story will do well this term. It's an honor to be on the ballot and recognized as worthy of awards by my readers after all this time. Nominations end on October 14th and membership closes on the 22nd so head over to the Inuyasha Fanguild if you're interested in participating. Seconding begins on the 26th and voting takes place November 16th through the 19th.

Speaking of awards, I am pleased to have taken third place at the Feudal Association for Journey in Best Characterization for Kagome. I'd like to thank those that nominated and voted for my work and think my portrayal of Kagome fits. I really appreciate it.

I've gotten this question several times during the writing of this story: What order do you read the David Eddings books? Start with the Belgariad. That series is Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician's Gambit, Castle of Wizardy, and finally Enchanter's EndGame. The Malloreon is Guardians of the West, King of the Murgos, Demon Lord of Karanda, Sorceress of Darshiva, and Seeress of Kell. In the scheme of Journey, the Belgariad is far more important to follow the story than the Malloreon. Most of the Malloreon has been adapted, changed, and/or totally ignored. The Belgaraid is valid in its entirety in Journey's universe. I do hope this will help.

Journey has found another new home. Inuyasha Fanfiction is a small site but growing. I've found that the site has smart readers and good stories, so do check it out. It's nice to see another non-pairing/genre site open so that all fans can enjoy it, especially considering that AnimeSpiral has disappeared. Hopefully other sites will open in the future.

Now for the individual responses:


Media Miner:

doggieearlover: I've always thought that Jaken was all bluster and bluff. He protests far too much. I think he wants to look tougher than he is, so he acts as gruff as possible to hide the softy that he truly is. It doesn't really work, if you ask me. As for his current situation, Jaken has realized that he's particularly lonely and is now trying to make the best of a situation without letting anyone know that's what he's doing. I think he's being slightly reluctant out of fear of being disloyal to Sesshomaru. The Demon Lord probably wouldn't mind as much as he thinks. I also think Jaken is severely underestimated. He's clumsy and a bit over-eager at times, but he is smart. It's hard to look good when you're following someone like Sesshomaru around. I'm sure he'll continue to make more friends, and in the long run, it'll be best for him.

ShattertheskyComesQuietly: I'd have to say that what Jaken's proposing is going to make the Murgos far more than simply nervous. It won't simply be because of religion, either. It'll be a blow to their ego, but the rightful king of the country will appreciate what they're doing. It'll help in the long run. I do hope you'll continue enjoying the story!

Litele_one: I'm glad you found Jaken's sojourn in the Alorn Council so intriguing. You're correct. This is taking place on two different fronts---three as another will be introduced. It's a global event, not just this group's problems. I don't think any of them realize that just yet. Belgarath and the Twins are responsible for the kings (and queen) we see at that council. It was through Belgarath's careful matchmaking that most of them exist at all. I wanted to shake things up in this story. Varana is a Tolnedran and will always be one, but he's not stupid. His religious identity dictates a heavy dose of skepticism, but he has also witnessed enough to know that there's things that aren't always rationalized away. Now that he's calmed down and warmed up to Jaken, he'll be much friendlier and a lot more witty. The other kings will grow on Jaken in time, too. Jaken just has to be careful to not allow Varana to color his view of this new world he's in. That'll be his challenge. I do hope you'll like the chapters that follow as much as you liked this one!

PUMPKINPI7782: I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much. It's fun to write it and a challenge. If you just work at it, you'll be a good writer, I'm sure of it. I hope you'll continue to read.

wa_va_a_disi: I'm glad you think I'm keeping the Eddings crew in character. I try very hard to balance both universes and their characters in the setting I've chosen for Journey. I hope you'll continue enjoying the story and I look forward to your comments.




TakaRaiIshikawa: I have no intention in abandoning this story. I do hope you'll continue to read.

Jodi R.: I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Do check out Eddings. You won't be disappointed, I assure you.

Sieg: I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I like to look at each Inuyasha character's situation, so Miroku and Sango will play their role. It'll get bigger as time goes on. I do hope you'll enjoy it and keep commenting.

Joshua Severn: I have every intention of finishing this story. I do hope you'll continue to read and continue to comment.

Alpine: Thank-you for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much to spend so much time reading it. I do hope you'll continue reading and I hope to see you review again.

Four Shot Child: I'm glad you feel that the story was worth the comment and the time. I hope to hear from you again.


Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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