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Journey: Chapter Seventy-Seven


Well, I promised that you'd get a new chapter a week after last week's, so here it is. It's technically the second half of Sesshomaru's POV.

Putting these two past chapters into the story file, we've now reached 1,070 pages total. I had no idea it'd be this big of a story!

Let's get to the review responses:


Addiction: I'm glad you're enjoying the story. We'll get to Shippo and the rest in good time!

adeaneri: I'm glad you're excited to see the story update.

Media Miner:

Bookreader9999: I'm glad you enjoyed the time Sesshomaru and Rin shared together. I enjoyed writing it.

knittingknots: Yes, it is nice to see Sesshomaru get his priorities in order, isn't it? It sure took him long enough, that's for sure.

Me: I'm glad to see you're still reading. Media Miner tends to post by default that the chapter is complete, but not the story. Trust me. It's not.

Fyrloche: I find that Sesshomaru is exteremly subtle in everything he does. It can make things a bit difficult at times, but the challenge is worth it. I think most people perceive him to be unfeeling. He's stoic, but that doesn't mean he's unfeeling. He's just not very good at expressing it. I think we saw flashes of what I've developed here in Journey in the late manga chapters. He's emotional, just in a different way than the other characters. I've given him a lot of time to develop in Journey and it's been a gradual growth. I'm glad you think it's well written. I've also got other "unseen" forces at work on ol' Sesshomaru here in the Eddings world that won't be evident still for quite some time. Sesshomaru's been fighting himself for a very long time and I think he's finally letting go of some of that so his real personality can emerge. He'll still be a bit stiff and a bit standoffish and even a bit cruel when he feels it's necessary, but he'll embrace that other side of h
imself more and more---but only in select company.

New Fan: I'm glad you're still reading and I hope you'll keep enjoying the story!

Charles Watford: I'm glad you're still reading and hope you'll keep enjoying the story. It's a pleasure to write.

Links: AFF MediaMiner Eternal Destiny Inuyasha Fanfiction

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