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Is It Friday Yet?

There's not a whole lot to report from my neck of the woods. It's been quiet---after the weekend with dad in the hospital again and all the stress that came with it. Now I'm just looking forward to a quiet weekend and wondering why this week seems to be crawling by.

I haven't started the next Journey chapter, but I do have things in mind for it. I might try and get some done on it this coming weekend. We shall see. I saw that Journey had been seconded already at the Guild. Thanks inuyashaloverr! I'm just hoping now for a good return on the ballot and a few more reviews!

I wish there was more going on for Halloween around my area. It seems that you have to be a kid to have any fun, really. All the local community parties are geared towards them and unless your friends are close by there's no adult parties (unless you're into swinging or something like that. Trust me, there's at least one party down the street that I know of that may be just that). So, I'm not getting dressed up. The likelihood of us getting any more than three trick-or-treaters is pretty slim. It's kind of sad that we don't have that going on anymore these days.

Other than that, it's just been work, work, work.

I'll have to post my review of the book I just finished when I get home.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Gosh, I hope your dad's okay. =(

Just so's you know, the last two chapters were ... let's say quite something. I look forward to going into more depth with a review, but I'm in the middle of working on a Halloween fic exchange and plotting for my NaNoWriMo. Once I've got space to breathe I'll take my butt right off down to mediaminer and re-read. Thanks for the little extra heads-up about the inuyasha-fanfiction site btw. I'd never even heard of the place before. ^^

Ugh. My own Halloween plans have just been scuppered, so I know how you feel. Unless you're the clubbing type, it's hard to find something to do for Halloween once you pass the twenty year mark, that is if you're not married with kids by that time. -_- We never get many trick or treaters, either.

I look forward to your review. I know you're a big Sess-Rin fan so I knew you'd like these last two chapters. I'm just hoping that means you liked them.

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