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Lights In the Sky Over Minneapolis

Well, I finally got to see Nine Inch Nails last night and let me tell you it was well worth the wait. Trent Reznor more than made up for being sick back in August, and even though the timing was kind of lousy considering I work in retail, thanks to my generous and amazing bosses, I got to go and rock out. I still don't even know where to begin on this concert, I'm still kind of letting it sink in. The only thing now to make it a complete kick ass success is if I can get my hands on the bootleg of the concert to relive at any time like I did in 2005.

The opening act was pretty good. They were Boris and they were Japanese. I didn't really understand anything they said considering they did sing in Japanese, but they did rock. Some others didn't think so at some of the message boards, but for their style I thought they did fairly well. I really thought the gong they had was a neat touch.

When Trent hit the stage it took a couple seconds to realize he was starting the show cause the lights were still on and I could hear the intro track 999,999 from the Slip. Then the lights went out and the crowd gave Trent and co a standing ovation. I never sat back down. From there he started to punch us in the face with the hard stuff like 1,000,000, Letting You, Head Down, and the ever mosh-pit favorite March of the Pigs. I had seats so I didn't have the trouble of getting thrashed. It was so intense and it never let up and it just got better and better as the night went on. Even when they did some of the Ghosts tracks and slowed it down that didn't take any of the edge off. I thought the songs he chose were amazing live. The musicianship really shined here and he really set an atmosphere with these tracks that was like nothing else. I only wish less people had talked through them but for the most part people seemed to dig them. It was kind of surreal to see Trent playing a xylophone in the middle of the show, but it worked.

I got to see songs I desperately wanted to see live like the Great Destroyer which is one of my favorite tracks from Year Zero. I also got to see a couple tracks that I adore from The Fragile like The Big Come Down and The Frail. Trent threw me and a bunch of others off when he started to play La Mer and then switched over to The Frail. I even shouted La Mer when I heard him start. It was still cool as hell. He even played Down In It, a song he said he wouldn't play anymore. That was totally awesome. I've always liked the song, so it was neat to hear it live. Echoplex was really neat, too. Josh Freese got the spotlight for a second with the light show to push the LCD screen to set the beats off on the song on his big drum machine board, which was kick ass cool.

As for the light show? It was FANTASTIC. I've never seen such a stunning light show for such a huge portion of a show before. The last concert I saw of NIN had lots of strobes and different lighting effects, but only a handful set of the songs had the big screen. It seemed like we had the majority of the show with the LCD screens in front and behind the band to add to the audio assault NIN was committing on us. I loved how he had a small webcam to project his face on the screen during Closer and The Greater Good. That was awesome and made Closer fresh again for me.

Head Like A Hole rocked and just when you thought the show was over, the NIN logo plastered over the LCD screen and all that, Trent came back for a huge encore and brought the house down around our ears. He even apologized for the postponement. By then, we didn't care anymore and were just in ecstasy. It certainly will help me through the upcoming holiday season to have had this concert. If I ever need a pick me up, I just have to go to my new happy place: any memory from this concert.

Now I can't wait for the next time NIN tours. I've seen them four times and I gotta say, seeing this band live is like a drug. You just want more and more every time. It was a flawless performance and probably the best out of the four shows I've seen. The only thing that could have possibly made it better than it already is would be if my friend in NY had been able to go along. The more friends along the better! I took one friend and that was great. It's not much fun to go by yourself!

I just hope the next time I see Trent that he pulls all the stops out like he did last night. Absolutely amazing beyond words. I think I'll go absorb more of it in my mind.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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You're lucky you got to see your favorite band. I wanted to see Metallica but my dad wouldn't let me go. Metallica please have mercy on me. By the way have you ever read White Fang by Jack London?

Metallica be with you


White fang was one of my favorite stories growing up, I have the jack london anthology book "Tales of the North". All good read's in my opinion.
Nine inch nail's are good, farawayeyes you ever listen to Rise Against or Skillet, and for that matter Dashboard confessional? Still loving your stories, journey is stil my favorite, I've reread all the chapters about, 5 times each lol. It really is good. Can't wait for more chapters or updates on hear, you missed christmas and new years ma'am.
Happy...January 10th lol sincerely,

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