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Now that the new chapter is posted

I've been meaning to ask this for a long time, and I figure now that the chapter is finally posted, I will.

Here it is:

What are you favorite moments from Journey, and why?

I'm just curious to see what people like the most compared to what I might like the most. It can be anything from a huge moment to one of the smaller things. Or even a line. I just want to fulfill a curiosity.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Oh man, there's so many - InuYasha claiming Kagome as his mate is at the top of the list - and the poor timing that went with it. Then there was the the night Sesshomaru discovered InuYasha's immortality, and all of the hanyou's fears and self-loathing came spilling out, giving Sesshomaru a better understanding of his brother. Then there was after InuYasha tried to kill Kagome, and asked Sesshomaru to end his life afterwards and he refused to. I loved it when InuYasha was mortal and about to be sacrificed, but Kagome saved him, revealing not only her pure love for him but the enormous amount of power that she has. I enjoy the interactions between Sesshomaru and Rin, showing that the cold supposedly emotionless demon lord has a soft spot in his heart for her. I've enjoyed the SAngo/Miroku interactions as well, but in relation to the rest of the story, they're really just getting started - though I had to love the effect Sango had on the lecherous monk when she was dressed up at the ball.

I've enjoyed the story immensely, and always look forward to your updates. Not only is it orginal and unique, but you've introduced me to a world that I was not familiar with before and I've come to love those characters as well - and despise the darker ones like those Gromlins.

I'd have to say those are some of my favorite moments, too, but I'd have to add anything with Rin using her sorcery and the effect that has on poor Sess. I just think it makes their relationship balanced, and that's crucial if you ask me.

I should have also asked, though, what Eddings character was everyone's favorite.

Hopefully, if I keep this post active, we'll get more people's impressions, too.

I am SO bad with names - is it Poledra? The one that saved InuYasha from madness when the Gromlins took over his mind by showing him the ancient tree. I like her, and I really like Garion as well.

And I have liked the reaction of Sesshomaru to Rin's sorcery. it makes for an even more interesting relationship between those two.

And I can't wait for Jaken to find out!

Nope, that'd be her mother. You're thinking of Polgara. Similar name, but not the same one. That Tree means a lot to everyone in the story at one point or another, it seems. I don't think there's really a major character in the Eddings series with perhaps exception of Zakath that haven't seen it, touched it, and been moved by it. Polgara LIVED in the tree for years as a child in protest. She was, well, rather angry towards her father Belgarath.

Garion is the main hero of the series, so I know him probably more than the other members of the cast save Belgarath and Polgara(each had their own first person prequel to the Belgariad/Malloreon).

Poledra is the one teaching Rin. She's the most mysterious of the entire cast and I've taken what little base Eddings has provided and built upon it. We only see her for a slim portion of the series and only in a telepathic link in Polgara's prequel.

Sesshomaru is, well, learning to adjust to a new Rin. His road is going to be bumpier as we go along. Rin's only learned a little here of what can be done with the Will and the Word. Wait until she not only learns those other things but masters them! I'd say we're about 7 or so chapters from her birthday. That'll be HUGE. Sesshomaru may never recover.

And Jaken? Oh dear, the toad will be so---dumbfounded. Rin left an ordinary girl and returned as a sorceress. He'l get used to it, but I don't know that he'll ever like it. He may even know before they get back, but he won't believe it until he sees it.

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