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Screw You, Network Televison
Furious Sess
Dear Network Television,

Screw You.

Seriously. My favorite show of this season, Life on Mars, based upon the BBC version, has been canceled. Honestly, why is that great shows like this get the axe every year, but shows like the "Big Bang Theory" linger for years and are just as awful as they were when they started? I hate Network Television. HATE IT. It can die. Once the last episode of Life on Mars concludes, that's it. I'm done with the Networks. May they shrivel up and die for the wasteland of TV crap they truly are.



Angry TV Viewer

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They lost me in 1996-1997. They finally opened with a season I thought was interesting, and they screwed it all up, moved things around, put some things on hiatus, and cancelled most of the new things I thought were interesting.

I bid them adieu with a loud razzberry and haven't been back since. Teasers and heartbreakers, they are. And dumb.

They've burned me two years in a row now. First Moonlight and now Life on Mars. It's just stupidity. If either show had been on a cable network, they'd get to continue, but the networks rely on old ratings systems that don't work anymore. It's just damned annoying.

It reminded me all over again why I watch cable.

My husband and I stopped watching network T.V. for anything other than Law & Order and CSI ages ago--they fuck up everything except the crime shows. If we hear about something, we watch a clip on Youtube, and then buy the DVD if we liked it.


I just hope they'll put the US version of the show on DVD. They said they'll put the BBC version out, but who knows if they will for the US one.

Most network shows piss me off and when I find a good one worth watching I get attached and then the ax falls and I get angry all over again. I have to quit doing this!!

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