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It is finally the weekend! Yay!
Hey Reader,

It's finally the weekend. I am very grateful for that indeed. I had fun at the races last night, but the only horse I picked to win I didn't get a chance to bet on. We arrived a little bit late and I didn't get the chance to make my wager in time, so I had the right horse but I didn't get any money! The rest of the night I was skunked. I bet one horse to show, and it won, so I at least got some money back, three bucks, but still. And then there were two photofinishes where my horses lost. But hey, it was still fun to see the horses run, and that's what it's really about.

It's been a long week, though, hasn't it? And could it BE any hotter? I gotta say, as much as winter sucks for being snowy, icy, and cold, sometimes I'd almost rather have that then this heavy humidity and blistering heat. It would seem that most of my weekend will be spent vegging at the computer or in front of the TV. The good news for you is that means I'll be writing. All I have to do is chain myself to the desk, the music, and write, and the one-shot, which is INSISTING on being finished before I continuet he chapter, and you'll have something new to read while you wait! In fact, once I wake myself up with some caffiene, I'll be doing just that, working on it. You do have something to look forward to at least!

Just so you know, seconding at the Inuyasha Fanguild will be finishing up on Saturday night. Thirding will begin on Monday , so be sure to get your picks ready! I'd like to thank doggieearlover and Shawna 560 for the nominations and secondings in Best Drama and Best Serial. There are several great stories that need that seconding, though! So do check out the guild!

I suppose I should get to work!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Woo hoo! You'll be writing!

BTW, you turned up in my latest quiz...LOL

Well, I completely forgot to mention that i'm glad you had a good time at the races, and at least you didn't lose a lot.

And if you want hot, you can come down here. We were happy to only be in the 90s after being over 100 for ten days straight. Still, I'd rather have that than the bitter cold that you guys do in the winter.

It's been that hot around here, too. I just don't do very well in the heat. I have Minnesota blood, so I handle the cold so much better. The bitter cold sucks, but I can go inside with the heat on and be WARM. I'm not cold even though it is outside(well except my feet). I can't go anywhere in this heat without feeling like I'm gonna die. I don't have air conditioning in my room or on the first floor, so I'm not doing so well with this heat.

As for the races, all I had was $25 bucks to lose and I went home with $7. I don't have very much money to gamble with in the first place. Most of my money goes to my car. That and my student loans starting in November or so. There's also my "Anime Purchase of the Month" of $20 or so. That's locked up for August with Movie 4.

Needless to say, every place here has airconditioning - can't live without it. And I would rather be cold than hot (I can't STAND being hot), but I don't think I could handle the cold you get up there in the winters.

Do you have a fan? Even that can help a lot just by moving the air around.

I've already preordered my Movie 4. I sure hope it is better than it was with the lousy subtitles. We shall see...

I have a shitty small fan. I really am going to get a big fan sometime next week, one that will make my room a little more bearable. I've lived withe cold my whole life, so I wouldn't know how else to be. Unfortunately,a couple summers ago were a bit cooler, so my blood remained pretty thick for awhile. It's not fun when it's like this for people like me.

I do hope that Movie 4 will be good. It'll be really weird to watch it and know that Kikyo's dead, though.

Get the oscilating fan on a stand. If you have Big Lots up there, they have them very reasonable (actually pretty darn cheap!)

What's gonna be strange is that Movie 4 has two Kikyous - the original and a clone. Talk about a confused hanyou...

We don't have a Big Lots. We have Super Walmart. I'm sure they have something that will work.

And Duuuuuuuude. One Kikyou is quite ENOUGH. Sheesh.

They should - probably a whole aisle of them.

On that I'd have to agree - one Kikyou was enough without having a clone (and I won't say any more so I don't spoil it...)

I can't wait. Once I get it, it'll be my Friday Night Movie after I have something written AND posted.

And don't forget I have a new chapter up when you have time to read it...

I look forward to your next chapter and the songfic.

I'm gonna need more Coca Cola to do this story. I'm taping all the TV I'd normally watch, so I can focus. Now it's just getting into the mind set. I KNOW what I want this One-shot to do. It's just a matter of being awake enough.

I saw you have a new chapter posted. I will probably get to it once the song fic is finished. I don't want to muddle it with anybody else's work.

I know what you mean. I don't really read anything when I'm in the middle of writing unless inufan625 sends me something. Everything else can wait.

I haven't had my TV on for several nights when I was writing so I could finally get the latest chapter finished and off to inufan625. However, I sure haven't wrote anything since I finished that one the other night. Too much stress from work.

I actually gave up tonight. I can't focus and anything I'd write tonight would be trashed tomorrow. I was up till 2 AM last night and got up at 6:30AM and now it's midnight. I have it all plotted, I KNOW what I want it to do, I just can't focus tonight.

I live with a TV addict. We have four TVs, and at least one of them is always on. It's kind of hard to avoid the TV, unless I strap the headphones on and ignore it.

Normally, I AM a TV addict. I'll have it on for background noise if nothing else. But for whatever reason, I just haven't turned it on when I got home from work several nights in a row. It'll be on over the weekend, though. Gotta have that Star Trek uncut playing in the background (after I come home from work. I'll be in the office again tomorrow. I'll sure be glad when this damn annual convention is over with).

I am a music addict. I listen to music when I write. And whatever is working at the time, that's what I'm listening to non-stop. I listened to Tool's album Laterlaus the entire time I worked on the Koga chapter. I ususally listen to Depeche Mode's Violator or Playing the Angel when I write from either Rin or Sesshomaru's POV. I'm weird. Right now, though, I'm listening to the Rolling Stones, their early, early London Years stuff, because it has Child of the Moon on it and some of the other songs on the disc are working with me. If I'm near a radio, anywhere, anytime, that's playing music that I know (and I know a lot of damn music), I play name that tune. I wouldn't know what to do without music when I write. I think everything I'd write without it woud suck.

When I can't find anything else on, I turn the TV over to one of the music stations. However, I have to have classical symphonic music. If I get anything I know, I would end up singing with it instead of writing. With the symphonic, even though I know a lot of the pieces, the most I can do is hum along with them. When I go into work on Saturdays I put it on the symphony accuradio station since I generally don't like dead quiet. I tried the classic rock, but I ended up too distracted from singing along with them.

And now, I really must see about going to bed. I'd rather get in tomorrow morning and get whatever I need done so I can come back home.

I listen closely at first to whatever band I've chosen to get into the POV or whatever, then it just blends into the background. Sometimes I listen to a particular album so many times it blends into one huge song. I've had that happen with Nine Inch Nails' With Teeth a few times. Inuyasha seems partial to that one, it's weird. And I know so many songs, like when I listen to the radio, even on Yahoo I don't even have to look at the information. I am THIS close to hunting Sting down for Roxanne. That song is soooooo annoying and I hear it all the time.

A lot of the Stones songs I'm listening to right now have this nice medieval feel to them. Lots of sitars and dulcimers and the like. They seem to work when I'm writing the actual story. And I've only heard these songs a billion times so I don't even really notice the lyrics nearly as much. I listen to the background instruments.

If I was able to access my darn-it Yahoo.. I would be able to second too... I still can't access it...

What browser do you use? I use FireFox, and while Yahoo has been slow, I still get there.

Yeah, I sure hope my last two (Remembrances & Into the Darkness) get seconded! Only one more day...

It seems like hardly anything has been seconded, yet there has been quite a bit. I'm surprised those two didn't get one yet. I think it's bizarre. Quite a few of my noms haven't gotten the second yet. I can't explain it, except to say that it probably has something to do with Yahoo's bitchiness the past week.

Yeah, and there are some clicks that i don't think read anyone else's work. I'll try to read most of them except this time I can't get past all of the Sesshomaru/Kagome fics. I still just think that's just bizarre. I also wonder how a oneshot PWP ended up in the best romance category when they DQd one last time for the same reason for not meeting the definition. I guess it all depends on who you know.

I'm waiting to second until tomorrow. I just don't understand how one of the comedies I read, which was almost pee your pants funny, hasnt' been seconded. It's not even that long. It's not that hard to read it. And I tried to read some of the Sess/Kag stuff. I just don't buy it. It has too many plot holes and not enough of a foundation to work.

which one? I'll be going home in a few minutes since I was finally able to get my reports to run properly and look like they should (YAY!).

No one has seconded See Ya Next Fall. It's just soooooooooo damn funny. I read quite a few hilarious stories in the Comedy category, but my god, that one was just damn funny. Especially the end.

I also can't believe a couple other stories in some other categories haven't made it, like Subjuation in one category. I'm going to be putting my seconds together and chosing carefully. A couple of my yaoi stories that I nominated have made it to the seconding round, which rules. There is hope!

I don't think all of the ones that I nominated have been seconded - I thought they had, but now I look and a couple haven't. I don't think it matters how careful you are, you just never know what people are going to to like, or who's going to participate. Some of those that bitch the loudest about the same stories and/or authors being nominated every time don't bother to jump in during the nominating/seconding/thirding process to ensure there is someone different for them to vote for.

I will be surprised if that one doesn't get seconded since there's a whole group of them that nominate/second/third each other. While there is one author and her fanpoodle I won't go near, I'm willing to give most of the others a chance. As for now, I'm trying to keep my seconds down so I can third if I need to.

I might second See Ya Next Fall, just cause it'd be a shame to leave it out of the running. I am also keeping my seconds way down. Just about everything I've thought about seconding, has been already, so it makes my thiriding a little bit easier. I am a little excited about this quarter's outcome, mainly because I am hoping to at least place this time in at least ONE category. We'll see, though.

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