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Spring Cleaning and More

Well, I spent my day cleaning. My computer was soooooo dusty that it's no wonder it started to restart randomly. Now that it's cleaned up, things are humming along all over again. Thankfully.

I also managed to finish up my original story, which I'm still revising. I'm rather happy with it, but it needs some tweaking here and there. I'll take a break from it for now and look at it again after I finish up some other works on my list.

Now, I'm going to just relax some and enjoy the weekend.

Oh, and on the 22nd, the new manga by Rumiko Takahashi will start. You can find out more about it at Rumic World.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Mind if I inquire to some tips on comp cleaning? I want to clean mine a little better if I can.

Awesome on the Original story front!

Have fun on your weekend!!

Looking forward to seeing what she's come up with! I noticed that the girl and the boy both have Kagome and InuYasha qualities. I wonder if she's going to be able to develop characters without those hints in the future.

Get one of those air spray cans, you know, for blasting dust. It works like a charm.

As for the characters, are you talking about mine having too much Inuyasha and Kagome in them? Didn't even have 'em in mind when I wrote it...though it's not impossible there's something similar on some level.

*head desk*

*score drops down and LD gets point*

My bad! Thought 'Rumiko' was typed into the message! I actually was referring to RT's newest story about the girl who can interact with ghosts. The 'preview' image on the Rumic World site shows them looking like Kag and Inu.

Your characters were beautiful and didn't have the IY hint... I did laugh at the dog interrupting and his request for the Dom outfit!

Ah....I see. Yeah, but for me, the question is can she have a set of leading characters that aren't Ranma/Inuyasha and Akane/Kagome, cause those two sets are nearly identical in mannerisms and behaviors. Ranma and Inuyasha are cocky and loud and both Kagome and Akane use a form of physical abuse on their male love interest. Go figure.

I'll be curious to see how much of those characters are brought forth here. I hope they come off far more like the Mermaid Saga, just for some variety. More subtle, too.

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