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To Satisfy A Curiousity of Mine

With the passing of David Eddings and the latest chapter of Journey being released, I am curious about something. I thought I'd ask you what Eddings character is your favorite and why. I have my favorites, but I'm never entirely sure everyone shares my opinion on who they like the most. So, take the poll and give me a reason WHY you voted for that person.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes
Poll #1415751 Your Favorite Belgariad/Malloreon Character

Who Is Your Favorite?

Zakath, Emperor of Mallorea
Porenn, Queen Mother of Drasnia
Anheg, King of Cherek
Varana, Emperor of Tolnedra
Drosta, King of Gar og Nadrak
Fulrach, King of Sendaria

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Polgara has always been my favorite, probably cause I want to be her when I grow up...next is Garion, probably for the same reasons I like InuYasha, a personable young man with troubles and a hard destiny on him. Heroes like that bring out my mothering instincts, I guess...And third is Silk, cause he's such a scoundrel.

You know, I'm waiting for you to finish Journey, and then I'll read the Eddings stories...mostly cause I love how you deal with them, and I want to see it to the end before I muddy the waters....

I've always loved Poledra, and she's so mysterious. We only see her sparingly throughout the series, and almost always in the shadows. Polgara is one of my favorites because she's such a strong female character who won't take crap from anyone, be it her world famous and powerful First Disciple of Aldur father in Belgarath, a king, or even a God. She's so rich and beautiful. Silk is another of my favorites because he's so funny, sarcastic, and while he's an "evil" man with several bad habits, he's really a good guy under it all. I wouldn't necessarily trust him as far as I could throw him, but he's just so loveable.

You're going to be waiting a while, then. God only knows when this behemoth of a story will ever wrap up. And then, there IS that possibility of a sequel.

I really can't say too well... I guess I would say first Polgara, then Garion followed closely by Belgarath.

For Pol, it was her strength in character. To become such a great role model for women. That they can achieve their dreams and when time is right to have the love/family.

Belgarath... because he can still have his fun and still be 'mature/adult/serious' when it comes to the punch/crunch.

I've always envied Polgara. She's beautiful, powerful, and admired by just about everyone in the world. Hell, even a God wanted her for his bride. She's just amazing---and yet she has her flaws and faults just like anyone else. She has a short temper and holds grudges and can be too serious about everything. She's just kick ass.

As for Belgarath, how can you not like the Old Wolf? He's capable of ripping the tops of mountains off and stopping the Sun if he wants, yet he is humble enough (sometimes) to know that he shouldn't. And his bad habits are endless. Gotta love how he can go from stealing crumplers in the kitchen to the tough work of saving the world.

Polgara!!! :D

Love her role in your story and she is so strong!:D And, like KK, as soon you finish with "Journey to..." will try out his stories. Must go to Amazon!! :D

Oh my. It seems Polgara's kicking everyone's ass in this poll so far. I still wanna know who voted for Zakath. I voted for Poledra so I could see the results.

I dunno. You might be waiting a long time to see the original stories at this rate. . .

I voted Poledra, because all through, she never loses her cool. No matter what, she always seems to stay calm, and plan out her (And everyone else's) next move.

Zakath was a close second, because I think that ambivalence is sexy...and he's definitely got that going on with the urbane asshole thing.

I've always kind of felt Zakath brought his reputation upon himself on accident. He shouldn't have let Taur Urgas ever get to him so. He's kind of like the Belgariad/Malloreon's Henry VIII. Promising and friendly but turned into a tyrant. He's just so adorable when he tries to get away from the melancholy and convinces Garion that he's part Arendish, though. It's when he really starts to shine for me.

As for Poledra, she's the more powerful character, even than Belgarath. He's powerful and all that, but she's the one who has way more insider information. Gotta love her.

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