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Hey Reader,

Finally! It is FINALLY raining! I can't tell you how thankful I am to hear the sounds of thunder outside my window. Oi. Maybe it'll knock some of the heat down. The damn heat wouldn't be so bad, really, if it weren't for the atrocious humidty. I absolutely despise 60% or higher in the humidity. It makes the simple act of breathing unbearable. Please, oh please God, let this rain storm take away the oppressive humidity!

I have spent the majority of my night working on my one-shot. It's not quite done yet, but it is getting close. I have two, complete stanzas finished, and I am on the remaining third one. I wrote quite a bit last night, but when I re-read it today, it seemed rushed and I wanted a little more. I didn't want to shortchange the story, so it'll be a bit longer on the wait than I had hoped. I am nearing eight pages and have surpasssed 4,000 words on it, and when I started, I had no idea it'd be this long. At this point, I am hoping to have it finished sometime either tomorrow or Wednesday, so that I can send it off to my beta-reader and have it posted perhaps this weekend. We shall see. If I didn't get so tired around quarter to 11!! Gah.

I know more of  you are wondering how the next chapter of Journey to the City of Endless Night is coming. I haven't looked at it since I really got into working on the one-shot, so it'll be awhile. I know, frustrating, huh? I figured as long as I'm working on my one-shot, I'll let Journey rest until it's finished. I'll be able to attack it with a fresh eye, then. The only disappointing thing is that means I probably won't be able to have a new chapter posted during the voting period at the Guild. Oh well. I really write the story to entertain myself anyways. The awards thing is just a side benefit.

Speaking of the Guild, you can still become a member while the thirding period is open. Once voting begins, they will not accept any new members, and you'll have to wait until the next recommendation period. So, if you're interested, feel free to check out it out here. I know I sound like a broken record (why do people say that? Records that are broken don't play. They repeat constantly when scratched..anyways), but I'd like to thank doggieearlover for the nomination, Shawna560 for seconding, and Cierah for thirding. I have been thirded thus far for Best Drama, but am waiting to see if I will make it to the ballot in the Best Serial category. We shall see. I hope so!

Now, I'd like to respond to a couple reviews left by inuhanyounikkieDamn girl, you have a lot to say, don't you? You filled up the entire alotment in the box, huh? That's rather impressive if you ask me. Technically, about your quirky ideas about the two jewels, Aldur didn't make the Orb. In the Malloreon, we discover that it is the physical embodiment, for all intents and purposes, of the Light Purpose, just as the Sardion is the physical embodiment of the Dark Purpose. Aldur just happened to find the Orb and then spent a long time studying it until Torak came and stole it, of course. It's a funny idea, though! Perhaps a parody one-shot? You should know by now that Belgarath likes to embelish and propagate rumors that suit his fancy. Technically, one does not have to be "pure" to touch it. In a sense, they would, because Cherek and his sons, save Riva, were afraid to touch it for fear of their own inner greed. One should not have greed if they are to touch the Orb. Innocence and purity take you a long way, yes, and that's why Zedar reared Eriond to steal it. I just think that by saying one should be pure, in tthat particular conversation, Belgarath wanted his new guests to keep their hands(or paws in some cases) to themselves. The Orb is picky, and it does get atttached to people, hence why when Riva declared he had nothing better to do and picked it up, the Orb just LOVED him. Just what would the Orb do to Naraku? After what it did to Torak, one can only shudder at the wrath that stone would inflict on Spider Boy. He oughta be careful about that. It's not going to be "tainted" like the Sacred Jewel and used for ill. Heaven forbid he learn of the Sardion's existence. Now why on earth would Inuyasha pout about  being up on deck? *Wink* As for Koga...you'll just have to wait and see! I'm not telling, and don't go spoiling yourself! I'm glad you liked Sesshomaru's assessment of Inuyasha and Kagome's relationship. He knows who really wears the pants in that relationship! And I couldn't help having the brothers bond over the history book. I suppose it depends what book you are reading and what historical time period you're talking about. I enjoy reading medieval history, myself. And of course Sesshomaru agreed to their terms, in his own way, I suppose. What on earth would he get by using Kagome's time against her, anyways? I think that Inuyasha could burn that energy in a better way, don't you? *Wink*  And what can you say about Mandorallen, except "Arends!" The coloring thing, I couldn't resist. And feeding Sesshomaru's curiousity is so much fun, too. I don't know if Sesshomaru would color, but if he were alone with her, and she gave him moony eyes, maybe, just maybe he'd think about it! And yes, bonking heads probablly hurt Kagome more. I'm glad you enjoyed the descriptions of the kisses. I work hard on those so that they convey the action, yet the emotion behind them, too. I'm glad you liked how Sesshomaru handled Rin's drawings. Of course he had to be smiling in the picture. He oughta take the hint. She wants to see him smile! Pfft, that ship that's challenging Barak's Seabird is just a poorly made Malloreon ship. They oughta learn NOT to challegen Cherek war boats by now, don't you think? And yes, Belgarath is reluctant to fight, but will so when necessary. I suppose when you're as old as he is, fighting can get rather tedious. And yes, Sesshomaru wanted Inu there, if only to see if he could break the barrier. Poor Sesshomaru wouldn't admit that he actually wanted his baby brother's help for any othe reason. Glad you liked the lemon. That was a tough one to write, considering it was the first I've ever written of the pair. I had to get them in a situation where they'd be in character, yet let it happen. I figured if they were cooped up and he saw her in that skirt, he'd get the urge and wouldn't be able to say no this time. As for the pink light? Yoiu'll have to wait and see! I'm not telling! I think Sess was more teasing his baby brother than anything. After all, he wanted them to go through with it just so Inuyasha wouldn't be annoying anymore. Poor thing. And what a lovely inn indeed that was, huh? I know I wouldn't want to go into there, either. Do feel for Sango, she has had to put up with some of his particularly...bad behavior. I can't wait to see your next set of reviews. They make my week, that's for sure.

Anyways, I'm hoping that I will have the story done very soon. I am anxious to see what everyone will think of it. It's been fun to write and I'm enjoying it.  Then I'll return to the huge, monster epic that is Journey. I'm looking forward to so many ideas I have plotted, but alas, that is for another time!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I just put in my thirds at the IYFG. You were my third for Best Serial so you don't have to go crazy waiting and wondering... lol

Oh..... I get it now... It wasn't Inuyasha who was pouting updeck.. it was really little Inu that was pouting. I had fogotten about the Orb's orgins... Thanks for reminding me. Though I still am partial to the Love interest. Poor Doggiearlover.. I think I may have gave her a start about the two Orbs sex life... proceeds to hide face in pillow to laugh. I am very glad you liked the reviews. I can't wait to read more.. (if work works with me and I get my time off... will have more time to read and review..) .. darn it... time to head out for work..

Good luck, in fact, good luck to us all in the voting! I think you, I and inufan625 have now made it through the thirding process. I hope they update the file soon so I can double-check, but I think we're all there. YAY!

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