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The Tragedy In Haiti

Ever since the news about the quake broke, I've been following it rather closely. It's just so terrible, and yet it makes me grateful for all that I do have. I think we should all take a moment and think of their suffering and find ways we might help. 

Far Away Eyes

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When I heard the first news about the quake (from quake sites I monitor), I knew it was going to be horrendous.

I know that at least for the first wave of help, what the various relief groups need is cash donations. Donations in kind usually take more work and effort to get to the people who need them.

There are a number of good charities and emergency aid groups. I tend to prefer Catholic Relief Services, especially in a place like this, where they already have been working: http://crs.org/ and where the population is predominately catholic, so they have some infrastructure, and have an excellent track record of not mishandling funds.

Here's a link of organizations from a NYT blog article:

Another place for good info is Relief Web:

I've already done my first donation, but with the type of damage they have had, things are going to be very bad for a long time.

Thanks, KK. When I get my pay check and my credit card paid off this Friday (I don't have enough to cover both right now) I'll be donating what I can afford. It's just awful and the more I watch on the news or read about it the more I want to cry. It's just so horrific and tragic. All those people were already in such dire living conditions and now they've been utterly flattened.

I was considering Catholic Relief as I am Catholic and have heard good things about them. I just hope Haiti can overcome this and become a strong nation on the other side.

Yeah, CRS gets 93 % of its donations into the work...They are the first group I usually turn to when there is extra need like this.

Poor Haiti. I am hoping like you that something good can come out of this...

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